Mission Hill: Sound or Noise?

The Mission Hill Health Movement has joined with the Community Noise Lab at BU School of Public Health to do a 2 years study of noise and sound on Mission Hill with a grant funded by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

The study will focus on two sound issues on Mission Hill
1. The sound impacts from emergency vehicles, MEDIVAC helicopters, and local hospital HVAC equipment; and
2. how rapid development in this neighborhood is transforming its sound levels.

Residents and businesses can participate in the study in a variety of ways including:
· Have sound monitoring equipment at their apartment or building;
· attend a sound walk or another sound event;
· participate in a study on the impact of sound on people; or
· create a Sound Portrait of your sound experience.
Noise monitoring on Mission Hill is scheduled to begin in June 2019. Get more information at www.mhhm.org or www.communitynoiselab.orgMission Hill Poster PLAIN CNL.

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