Make a Plan for a Healthy School Year!

Make goals for a healthy school year with your parents or guardians! Here are 6:

1. Be a Healthy Eater!
· Start each School Day with a Healthy Breakfast
· Eat Fruits and Vegetables Every Day
· Only Eat Salty or Sweet Snacks Sometimes

2. Drink Healthy Beverages!
· Water and Milk are the Best Choices
· Not too much Juice, Soda and Sugary Drinks

3. Keeping Moving!
· Enjoy Playing with Your Friends.
· Walk Places
· Get Up and Move

4. Reduce Screen Time!
· Limit Time Watching TV, Using Computers, and Cell Phones & Tablets

5. Get Healthy Sleep!
· Make a Regular Bed Time
· Don’t Bring Your Cell Phone or Tablet into Bed
· Get Enough Sleep to Have Energy in the Morning

6. Have Your Medicine At School
· Have your parents follow the school’s directions.

7._____________________________________________ _______________________________________________
With Best Wishes for Your Best School Year Ever!
Mission Hill Health Movement 617 427 6919

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